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I compete in Strongman. I have a torn Labrum that the Specialist will not fix until I stop competing, so I am forced to work around it. After nearly 3 years of dealing with it, I had Karina focus on opening up the movement. Also we were going to work on my quads. Well, the shoulder was so bad we never got to the quads, but in less than 12 hours later, I have an increased ROM and am breathing better/easier than I have in a long time because i have less contraction on the rib cage. Thanks Karina – see you before the next contest.. 

John A.

Karina has improved my quality of life beyond anything I could have expected. My knee pain is gone and a bonus my back pain is gone. I am walking better than I have 20+ years. 

Charles S.

Karina has a consistent and broad knowledge of her field and body mechanics. This helps her to provide a thorough and tailored session for each individual. It is great when people care about what they do! Great job! 
Danielle S

I went to Karina to help with some lower back pain and I was very impressed with both her knowledge and her technique. I’m looking forward to booking my next appointment! 
Janet W.

Karina really speaks to your body and listens for the response as she works. After one session I am feeling more balanced and am looking forward to more sessions to further help my body recoveafthrough postpartum. 
Andria S.

Karina is the absolute best. She is a genius and TRULY cares about her clients! 
Ellen N.

Best session ever, Karina is a wealth of knowledge and guides a competitor in the most skilled manner. I would recommend her services highly!!!
Judy H.


I hurt my leg many years ago. I thought I would need to live with it. Karina has improved my life, I can walk now without pain. Every time I visit it gets better. I look forward to each visit. Thank you Karina!
Charles S.

Karina knows the challenges of bodybuilding and the toll it takes on our bodies. She focused on the areas I needed special attention and gave advice on how to treat things moving forward. She was professional, caring and knowledgeable. She’s strong enough to work on dense muscle groups and patient with my lack of flexibility. I would highly recommend Karina to anyone looking for a wonderful experience. I will definitely be scheduling ART with her!

Kim M.

I felt both relaxed and invigorated after my first massage with Karina – she is very good at working on a problem area and pin pointing the trigger point to work on. I will definitely be coming back!
Lori D.

Karina is a one person pit crew. I come to her with pulled and tight muscles, pains and problems and I leave ready to go another 50,000 miles. She always asks how I’m doing, I give her my list of problems, and she gets to work. She melts away the tension, stretches my tightened muscles, and is an all around wonderful person. I highly recommend trying her, especially if you have any nagging problems. she will get you back on the road in top shape.
Kathy F.

I fell on the ice and broke my wrist and sprained my shoulder. I was in severe pain. Karina gave me relief in my both my shoulders in the 1st visit!. She also was very informative regarding physical therapy. Looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Karina!
Laurie W.

Karina really helped me relax and stretch despite all of the chaos going on in my life right now. She made me feel very comfortable and was extremely skilled.
Julie B.

I felt so relaxed after my massage with Karina. She really listened to my needs and worked on my problem areas. Very professional and the atmosphere was calming.
April J.

It was such a pleasant surprise to meet Karina who has so much knowledge of the human body. The massage and stretching session was awesome. Great environment, really comfortable setting, and I plan on working with Karina to learn more about my body, and get my running injury curtailed and me back on the trail. Thanks Karina!
Mike B.

I came in with extremely tight neck and upper shoulders and back. I felt like I could barely move or tuen my head. Karina used some of her latest ACT technique and I woke of this morning without the stiffness. I have much more mobility and no more nagging neck ache. Thanks, Karina!
Kathy F.

After a 10 day cycling trip in the mountains of France, I developed a tightness in my lower back, neck and shoulders. When I returned I asked a few friends (Triathletes) who they recommend for a sports massage…they responded…BodyWorx by Karina…and I’m glad they did. What stuck out for me in working with Karina, was the professional/consultative approach she took in creating my customized/tailored massage. Taking the time to ask questions about my past massage experience, areas of focus, and explaining how she performs the massage helped set my expectations and made me feel comfortable…unlike the chain massage companies where you feel like a number going through the process. A great experience, a true professional, and I’ll definitely be back….Oh, and the pain is gone.
Mike B.

I have been seeing Karina for years! I took some time away and am so glad to be back. Karina always caters my appointments to what I need. She does excellent work and is very professional. It is always a TREAT to be seen by her. Thank you Karina!

Michael S.

Best massage ever! I’ve had back issues since I was six (scoliosis), and I have had my share of treatments … massage, acupuncture, chiropractic … even cupping. I have to say that I left feeling so much better — both physically and mentally — and immediately made an appointment for next week. After a week of entrepreneurial stress, I can’t think of a better way to wind up the week!

Patricia P.

Feeling Like a New Person! I make it a point to see Karina for a massage on a regular basis. Not only is it great for my body, but it is equally good for my soul. Sometimes I go in feeling not so bad, but through the massage I realize how uptight and compressed my body really is. By the time I leave, I feel two inches taller and have a sense of calm. I recommend Karina for anyone that has a stressful life as well as any physical ailments.

Kathy F.

Karina is an Authentic Healer. Karina’s knowledge, technique, and compassion are truly one of a kind. Her awareness and generous spirit combine to create a wonderful experience. I had my first session with her yesterday evening, and woke up this morning feeling more refreshed and energized than I have in months. Can’t wait for my next session!

James W.

One In A Million. I was diagnosed with Lymphedema due to radiation treatments, and was referred to Karina by my PT Therapist. Karina has a wealth of knowledge in lymphatic drainage, her technique is excellent and I’ve learned so much from her on managing my lymphedema at home. Not only is she professional, but also a very cary person and calms any fears I may have regarding my disease. She’s made my life easier and for that I’m every grateful! Always look forward to my next session!

Nancy C.

I was referred to Karina by a friend. I have had an injury in my leg for more than twenty years that has created many issues including back pain. Karina has been able to work out scar tissue. I am walking better and the back issues are gone. Its was large and has taken some time but she has been able to do miracles. Karina is fantastic. I look forward to each visit.

Charles S.

My Little Vacation. An appointment with Karina is always a highlight in my week. I go in feeling beaten up from hours of gardening or moving furniture or carrying loads of groceries and laundry, and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed and a whole lot more flexible. Her techniques are unique and effective; she is caring and knowledgable and very good at what she does. Thanks Karina, I’m glad I found you.

Kathy F.

Lifesaver! I was referred to Karina by my PT Therapist, and so very grateful for that referral!! Karina is wonderful, very knowlegeable, and so professional, yet very caring towards your situation. I feel better already! Looking forward to my next visit!

Nancy L

I should have come to Karina years ago. This is something that you will kick yourself for not committing to earlier. I believe that Karina is the most sincere caring and knowledgeable professional I have ever worked with. I highly recommend seeing her.

Abby S.

Excellent! Karina has helped eliminate the severe back and neck pain I’ve experienced for quite some time now! I love her knowledge on virtually anything I need to know. With my job as a cosmetologist, standing and strange positions/movements are inevitable. She has made it much more bearable! Thanks for everything!

Lillian S.

New Lease On Life. I came to Bodyworx with severe Scoliosis and a badly swollen ankle. I had been released from physical therapy and just came to learn to relax. Wow, Karina made me feel like a whole new person! I left feeling wonderfully stretched and relaxed. She certainly is extremely knowledgeable about the body. I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Marsha M.

Happy Running Legs! Wow is the first thing that I said after I had my massage! I have never experienced anything like the service that I received at Bodyworx By Karina. I’m used to the typical massage but this was different! I am new to running and training for a half marathon so I really needed something to releive my aching body. I left feeling stretched and able to walk stairs without crying ouch every time I would take a step. Needless to say I have already booked my next appointment and can’t wait for another amazing session!

Heather F.

As a yoga teacher and athlete, I believe in the power of massage and body work. Since discovering Karina Rhode eight years ago, my belief in healing touch has compounded. Karina has helped my overcome allergies, injuries, and illnesses–her lymphatic work is the best I’ve ever experienced! I have referred my students and clients to her and would let no one else touch my fiance, or family. Her strength is undeniable, but what registers on the subtle layer is her softness and spirit. Karina has been an integral member of my healing team, and for that, I am ever grateful.

Lisa Menard, RYT200

Is it possible to rate a massage above excellent? It is if you have had one by Karina. She gives you an individualized massage addressing your specific needs. Karina has spirit and energy, knowledge and compassion to create the best massage experience. She listens to your needs, and will suggest different techniques that she feels are right for you. She does wonderful stretches.

Linda Hinkle

Two years ago I started feeling numbness in my toes. It was just annoying at first, but continued to spread across my toes and up into the arch of my foot. I went to my family doctor and he ordered testing which included blood tests and a trip to a specialist to make sure I did not have trouble with my knees. Nothing came back in that testing so I was then sent to a neurologist who tested the nerves in my arms and legs and everything looked good. The neurologist ordered an MRI done on my neck and lower back which also came back normal. By this time it had been 9 months and I was having trouble walking, especially any kind of stairs, and a couple of times I fell because my foot was numb. Then a friend of mine told me that she had gone to Karina Rhode and had a lymphatic massage. I had never heard of that kind of massage so I started to check it out with my doctor and on line. I decided to try it after hearing from my friend about her good results. At first at went to Karina two times a week. I had no idea how ³clogged² my whole body was. My sinuses were all messed up from an auto accident that happened 45 years ago. As Karina opened up my sinuses and started getting all of my lymphatic system flowing properly and soon had all the feeling in my foot again. I also regained feeling on areas of my face that I had not felt since the auto accident. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good when I got up every morning. Karina has given me back a very precious gift—HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

Nancy Nance

A friend, mentor, and my massage therapist for nearly 10 years. Karina Rhode is the epitome of the professional massage therapist and body worker. She is extremely knowledgeable and is filled with integrity and sincerity. I have not only benefited from her massage and bodywork sessions, but also had her expertise in lymphatics which greatly aided me in recovering from 2 surgeries, one of being a very severe fracture.

Michelle F

Karina has a gift. Her massage and body work are most certainly relaxing, stress reducing and relieve aches and pains. But it goes beyond this. She has a healing touch. She tailors her approach and technique based on what my body tells her — which is often beyond what I can articulate or am even aware of.

David Marbaugh

Karina has been my massage therapist for more than 5 years. I have severe osteoarthritis, and I am an RN working 12 hr shifts on an inpatient hospice unit….long, hard, busy days. I began to see Karina after experiencing pain in my right groin and hip. She helped me become more flexible, and helped me experience less pain and muscle strain. I would see her after working, and she would be able to help relax my shoulders and back which is where I carry my stress. I was able to delay a hip replacement for 5 years, and I credit Karina’s expertise in allowing me to continue to move and work with very little discomfort. As my hip worsened, it became clear that I needed more help. She was able to use taping techniques to greatly reduce the pain during the time the tape was applied, and allowed me to buy some time until I was prepared to proceed with surgery. The surgery was incredibly successful, and I am pain free today. I would highly recommend her practice and her expertise and have referred numerous friends and colleagues to her.

Helene Menard R.N

After more that 10 years of experience with Karina, I unreservedly recommend her bodywork.. By knowing many different ways of working with the body, she is able to intuitively sense what my body needs and tailor her work accordingly. Karina’s knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, the lymphatic system, the movement of muscles and tissues, as well as exercise and nutrition allow each session to be individually designed for what is going on that day. She is a valued part of my health care team.

Carolyn H.

With having Karina working with me, I have had OUTSTANDING RESULTS from using Lymphatic & muscle massage together. After having a heart attack 4 years ago, my circulation was a problem. After treatment, the swelling of my limbs is gone. I go every 2 weeks and when I miss, my body tells me. Can also be a great time for STRESS relief and time for you to relax. Sounds stupid but it works.

Terry Shirk

As a nurse and cancer survivor, I have found lymph drainage to be beneficial on many levels. Physiologically, it helps rid the body of toxins faster by increasing the rate of flow of the lymph. And, mentally and emotionally the relaxation piece puts the body in a state where healing can take place. Both were huge parts in healing from my cancer and continues to be part of my health maintenance program. Lymph drainage is also very beneficial for breast cancer patients who experience lymph drainage issues (swelling) as a result of lymph node removal. Manual lymph drainage can map and help reroute drainage pathways reducing swelling and pain. I would like to add to my testimonial that “Karina is very skilled and knowledgeable in this area and has been a wonderful support person and wellness educator.

Jane R.N

Karina’s extensive background in understanding the physiology of the human body makes each visit well worth my time. Understanding and then interpreting my concerns puts Karina in a special class of massage therapists. Happily for me, she¹s moved to the Carmel area.

Karen Butler

Being in the ‘industry’ I have been fortunate to experience many massages. Different touch. Different type. Massage is something that is a must for me. My work invites much bad posture. Getting regular massages has become a necessity. That being said crossing Karina’s path was luck! I am on more of a regular schedule and really can notice a difference. I have more range of motion. My body responds well to the unique mix of massage she uses. Kind of softens you up to invite a deeper touch. Rather than digging in. I am looking forward to working with Karina as long as she is working! And try the lymphatic massage. It’s different. Not what you expect but SO GOOD!

Julie M

It has been a privilege to work with Karina over the last couple of years as her peak performance and business coach. Whether it is preparing for competition figure bodybuilding contest or for the next step in her other profession as a bodywork (or bodyworx!) therapist, Karina applies the same level of dedication, hard work, and preparation. Having worked with many high level sports people over many years, Karina stands out because of her willingness to face extraordinary difficulties with the attitude of one who will overcome! I have also been a client of hers and my recommendation for anyone who has not experienced Karina’s careful screening and body assessment, is to go in with high expectations, but don’t expect anything like you’ve ever experienced before! I have traveled in many countries with many visits to world-class spas and nothing prepared me–or my body!–for the unique and highly professional experience I had with Karina. In just a couple of visits she was able to renew strength and better movement to my body. Because of the incredible number of hours she has applied to both bodybuilding and bodywork therapy, she has developed techniques that are both unique and powerfully effective. Her bodywork combines intelligence, sensitivity, strength, and insight so that she is able to draw from her experience, education, and skill set the very techniques and touches your body needs. If you’re looking to take your health and well-being to the next level I highly recommend Karina Rhode and Bodyworx by Karina.

Dr. Thomas F. Foust, President SDG International, LLC