Food Prep Class –
The Art of Macromancing!


Whether you’re a bodybuilder or someone who wants to learn how to make quick, healthy, satisfying meals, join Karina Rhode as she teaches you how to create culinary magic in your meals that enhances food preparation year-around!

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Ever wish you could wave your hands and magically create flavorful variety in your meal prep?  Well being a competitor does not mean eating dull, boring, tasteless, or even repetitive meals!

Whether it’s a decent portion size you crave, a certain texture, or a flavor punch you desire,  I’ll teach you how to create satisfying meals that make you actually want to stick to your diet plan!

Not a competitor?  Well this class is still for you!  Recipes and food prep strategies presented here are ideal for making quick, healthy meals for the whole family!

This multi-part series will address:

  • If you’re a bodybuilder, you don’t need MY measurements – how to make it fit YOUR macros!
  • How to calculate macros for recipes you want to create!
  • How to add bulk and flavor to your portions without damaging macros!
  • How to prep quickly so you’re not spending half a day in the kitchen!
  • How to stock your prep so you can make several different meals daily with ease!
  • Multiple applications for the same food items for variety (it’s the spice of life)!

DATE:  Saturday, October 15th
TIME:  2:00p-4:00p
LOCATION: Noblesville, IN

Live demonstration, recipe ideas, and yes you get to TASTE everything!

PART 3* – Tricks with Treats!
Super fast and super tasty!  These recipes will blast your diet with so much flavor you’ll swear you’re being bad!

The Personal Pizza Party
Pumpkin Pancakes (Hey!  It’s October! Of course there will be pumpkin!)
Screaming Soft Serve Ice Cream
And more recipes TBA (hey, I gotta have a few surprises for you)!!!!!!!!!

*Classes stand alone in content but if you can take them all, you’ll have a ton of ideas at your disposal.  Say good-bye to the same thing day after day!  You’ll be able to plug and play at will for more variety than you know what do with!

Classes will be held in Noblesville, IN.  Due to venue size, class space is limited so don’t delay.  This will sell out quickly!


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The Art of Macromancing!”

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