For anyone who ever wished you could wave your hands and, in the blink of the eye, magically create flavorful variety in your meals, these recipes are for YOU (and your families)!  The biggest complaint I hear from those attempting to influence their bodies through diet is “I’m always making two meals – one for me and another for my family.” Well those days are over! The recipes on this page are not only appealing to those desiring to eat healthy, dieting to lose weight, or even those who compete in bodybuilding but also to anyone who loves to eat food with flavor!

I have competed in bodybuilding for over 10 years. I also run my own business. In order to balance this hobby with work, I had to be able to make meals quickly. Being a foodie though, there was no way I was going to sacrifice flavor just to fuel my body. Fortunately for me, I absolutely love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Throw all of these needs together – the need to control portions and specific nutritional values, prep food quickly, blended with the mind of the creative foodie and cook – and you get recipes with tons of flavor on the table or in the lunch box in virtually no time at all!

All of the recipes on this page have been designed with speed and flavor in mind. Watching my diet also meant forfeiting sharing meal times with my husband. It didn’t take long before I discovered that many of the meals I made for me he also enjoyed. He’d even ask if he could take the extra portions with him for lunch the next day!

As an added bonus, I’m pleased to have the input from three of the bodybuilding industry’s top dietary contributors. All of these recipes have been reviewed and approved by two of the best diet coaches in the business, Jason Theobald of ScoobyPrep and Stephanie Theobald of Natty Nutrition For the competitor, Jason has designated which recipes are contest prep and off season appropriate** (and I think you’ll be surprised to find how many are contest prep friendly!). As for the sweet treats, these recipes feature the best protein powders in quality and taste by Beverly International!

So here I present to you the magic I have dubbed Macromancing: The seemingly magical way of cooking that brings speed prep together with flavorful meals you can share (or keep all to yourself)!

**Every competitor has different nutritional needs. Please consult your diet coach prior to including any of these recipes into your contest prep or off-season diet to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

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